How did we select the beers you are voting on?

Sifting through over 275 beers was a huge task and there were some beers that none of the committee had tried. To that end, we went to Untappd and extracted all the beers from Saskatchewan breweries. We then ordered by the Untappd rating and eliminated any beers that had not been checked in more than ten times. The next thing to do was eliminate any beers that were not brewed within the last twelve months (Oct 1 2015 to Sept 30 2016).

Once we had the list of candidate beers, we split them based on style. Once that was done, we then made sure that beers appeared in only one style category and tried to balance things out across cities and breweries.

Once the grunt work was done, we then picked the top ten (twelve in the case of the IPAs!) beers in each category based on Untappd rating, personal experience, and balancing. The group then voted internally on which we felt were the top five. This was incredibly hard to do in some categories and we had a few very difficult decisions to make. No doubt there will be several beers you think should be in the list but every single person on the committee had to compromise on at least one of their favourite beers. We’re sorry if your favourite beer doesn’t show up!

There are some beers in categories that you might not expect to see them in. For example, 606 didn’t end up in the IPA category as we went with more hop-forward American style IPAs and Pale Ales. So the 606 shows up in English/Scottish Ales. All the barrel aged stouts were moved out of stouts/porters as the BA beers this year have been outstanding and none of the regular stouts or porters would have stood a chance.