We decided to limit the beer categories to only breweries, rather than breweries and brewpubs. This meant coming up with a definition of brewery. 

What we came up with is; Any business who brews their own beer on their own premises and distributes their beer to other venues to be served on tap, or fills growlers on-site for home consumption.

This ruled out Prince Albert Brewing Company and most of the brewpubs in Saskatoon and Regina. The final list of breweries is:

21st Street Brewery

9 Mile Legacy Brewing

Black Bridge Brewery

Bushwakker Brewing

Churchill Brewing Company

District Brewing Company

Malty National Brewing

Nokomis Craft Ales

Paddock Wood Brewing Co

Prairie Sun Brewery

Rebellion Brewing Co

Saskatoon Brewery

So that the brewpubs are at least recognized, we created a Favourite Brewpub category.