As the Saskatchewan craft beer scene is experiencing a small boom, we thought it might be a fun little project to vote on our favourite beers from the past 12 months. Saskatchewan breweries have released over 275 beers in the last year. If you think back even five years that would have been unimaginable. Our thanks and support to out to every brewer who decided to take their passion to the next level. 

To go through all the beers that have been released this year took a lot of work so we have a small selection committee who did that painstaking work. Our committee is Steph Anderson, Kevin Brown, Anna Cole, Tyrone Keep, Xander Richards, and Carole Tink. We felt it important to have equal gender representation on this group and we also have Regina representation. Getting coverage from further across the province wasn’t practical but maybe it will be next year.

This group is extremely diverse, with different levels of “experience”, backgrounds, and preferences. Because of this, I believe we ended up with pretty good representation for all our province’s breweries. Not all breweries are represented “equally” as quality, output, and availability changes from brewery to brewery. You will undoubtedly be disappointed that beer X or beer Y didn’t make the cut (I was) but I think that overall, the team has done a great job of picking most of the stand out beers from the last twelve months.

Thanks for participating. 


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